Mobile Ultrasound Pregnancy Scanning and Microchipping Services

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Mobile Ultrasound Scanning

Ultrasound scans are a non-invasive, safe and painless procedure that pose no risk to mum or puppies. Scans are performed at different stages throughout pregnancy to gain valuable insight and provide peace of mind allowing the owner to be fully prepared for the puppies’ birth.

I use a mobile VIS Scan Pad + to perform scans - this state of the art equipment offers superior image quality optimised for pregnancy detection and complies with international standards on ultrasonic safety. I am a qualified VIS (Vet Image Solutions) canine sonographer trained by the only company recognised by the Animal Ultrasound Association, of which I am a partial member.

What You'll See

To illustrate what you will see if your pet is 50+ days pregnant, please play the video below.

When To Scan?

Scan 1 - Pregnancy Confirmation

Performed 30-35 days from the last mating. The first scan is used to confirm pregnancy and is the optimum time to estimate the number of puppies and due date.

*Please note that any indication in the number of puppies is an estimate because gestation sacs often hide behind one another and sacs can easily be counted twice.

Scan 2 - Detailed View

Performed at 50+ days gestation, this is an ideal time for a rescan to check the pregnancy is progressing as expected and for a detailed view of the puppies. The scanner can be connected to your television via USB cable allowing the whole family to take a closer look! Photos and videos can be sent via email. These are included in the price and make a lovely keepsake.

Scan 3- Post Whelping

For additional peace of mind a scan can be performed to ensure the bitch has completed the birth process and to confirm there are no retained afterbirths.


What To Expect At The Appointment

Appointment length: please allow up to 45 minutes for your pet’s appointment.

Step 1

I understand the importance of putting you and your pet at ease. I will spend time at the start of the appointment meeting your pet and becoming acquainted with them so they feel relaxed before commencing the scan. I will use this time to chat through the process of scanning, what it entails, what we hope to see and fill out an informed consent form.

Step 2

After setting up my scanning equipment, I will position your pet on a comfy vet bed mat to look at their stomach area. I will ask you to keep your pet in position whilst I proceed with the scan, this keeps them still and helps them to remain relaxed. I can scan your pet whilst she lies down on her back or whilst standing depending on how she feels most comfortable.

I will then apply a generous amount of ultrasound gel to her stomach area and the probe head and then proceed with the scan.

Step 3

During the scan I will adjust the scanner’s settings to maximise picture quality. Starting at your pet’s tail end and travelling up the midline allows me to have a good look inside to confirm pregnancy and viability by identifying individual heartbeats.

Where possible I will freeze the screen in order to explain what I am seeing. Cine clips can also be taken and emailed to you together with any images I have taken during the appointment.

Step 4

Once the scan is completed I will wipe off any excess gel to reduce the need for self cleaning.

I will then answer any questions you may have and provide pregnancy and whelping advice if required.

If the scan was negative we can discuss the option of a rescan. Discounted scans can be performed within 7-10 days of the first scan. It is often the case that pregnancy will not show clearly on the scan before 30 days gestation.

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